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Wii U

Release Date

November 2012

Latest Patch

V 1.1.0
Late December 2013

Number of players

1 player


505 Games / Tantalus


E / 3+ / G

Funky Barn Box Art
Funky Barn

Funky Barn

Wii U


Itís farming! But not as you know it...

Design, create and customize your farm, fill it with adorable animals and crazy machines and discover the delights of Funky Barn.

Personalize your game by naming each of your animals and giving them a distinctive look; and be sure to visit the petting patch for rewarding close-up cuddles. When you are experienced enough, you can even choose to care for exotic animals like the Alpaca and Buffalo.

You will be kept busy in all four seasons as you grow your farm; carrying eggs, shearing sheep, milking cows, shaking fruit from trees and packing it, building fences and roads, planting crops while planning for your new arrivals. Keep foxes away with your own trusty dog or even protect your cows from alien abductions with your own air force.

Three difficulty levels allow everyone in the family to enjoy the farming lifestyle; and no two farms are ever the same. Whether you go for the laid-back, organic style of farming, or the high-paced, high-tech wizardry of a fully automated farm, youíll always find the right style for you.

So come on down and get funky; itís farminí time!

  • Create and Play Ė Your way! Purchase hilariously offbeat farm equipment and cultivate a vibrant paradise as you get hands on with the farm you want to create!
  • Ready to make some wool? Pop your sheep into The Shearing Machine and it will comically cannonball out... surprised but shorn.
  • Ready to harvest your crops? Hook up the Flying FruitBox-Haybale-Copter that flies around crazily picking up boxes of fruit and grain.
  • Strategies for success! Spend your money wisely, nurture your animals and trade with neighbours.
  • Use the gamepad in all new ways! Touch, tilt, shake, speak to control your farm.
  • Get hands-on with your animals! From a tiny chick to a giant buffalo, gently stroke the feathers or fur in the petting patch, then watch the delighted responses.



Funky Barn is now available for download from the Nintendo eShop in European territories which also includes some fixes:
  • Frame-rate has been improved for highly populated farms
  • A rendering problem of water in winter
  • Field-of-view of silhouette view now exactly matches that of the TV screen

Soon the North American eShop will have Funky Barn for download, which fixes the three issues above plus:
  • Insufficient space error message now allows user to jump to data management screen
  • A fatal error message could appear if the user presses the Home Button while saving
  • The game would crash when placing a 16th trough (the maximum)
  • A glitch in tutorial where the "thirsty chick" message can appear twice (which allows the user to enter the shop for a second time causing a potential crash)
  • The software keyboard wouldn't reappear from entering farm name when rapidly pressing the A button after entering farmer's name

We have just prepared a patch for the disk version, which will be available soon, which fixes all of the above issues plus:
  • The game could crash if too much (and we mean a LOT) produce is created at the same time
  • Fixed a lock-up when activating the map for the first time while a disaster (tornado or storm) is active

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